Student Visa

To study in Canada you need a student permit, though not all students require student visa. Below is a step by step process for applying a student visa to Canada.

Step 1: Choosing appropriate program of study in College or University in Canada

There are Primary and Secondary schools, post-secondary institutions (Colleges and Universities), Private career schools and Language schools. Below is the list of Universities and colleges, mostly for BC and Ontario. I have arranged the colleges and Universities for BC according to their academic standings and admission requirements. Get-Visa has agency agreements with most of the colleges and Universities below and we facilitate our students’ admission in the appropriate programs.

British Columbia

1. University of British Columbia
2. Simon Fraser University
3. University of Victoria
4. Royal Roads University
5. BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
5. Vancouver Community College
6. Kwantlen University College
7. Douglas College
8. Langara College
9. University Canada West
10. University of Phoenix (Campus in Canada)
11. Sprott Shaw College
12. Royal Canadian Institute of Technology
13. Ashton College
14. Vancouver Career College
15. CDI College
16. Alexender College


1. University of Toronto
2. Queen's University
3. University of Western Ontario
4. York University
5. University of Waterloo
6. University of Windsor
7. Centenniel College
8. Humber College
9. Seneca College
10. George Brown College

Choosing a program at a College or University includes looking in to the admission requirements of the program and assessing your credentials against them.

Some of the common admission requirements for a Bachelor level Degree program are:

  1. Application form and fee
  2. High School completion with B grade.
  3. IELTS score of at least 6 or 6.5 bands.
  4. Mathematics taken in Grade 12
  5. Resume
  6. Statement of purpose

Some of the common admission requirements for Master level Degree program are:

  1. Application form and fee
  2. Completion of Bachelor’s degree with an overall grade B
  3. IELTS score of at least 6.5 or 7.0
  4. Reference letters from previous instructors or employers
  5. Statement of purpose
  6. A score of GMAT might be required for Business program at some Universities

Please note that the above are just guidelines but admission requirements for each College and University are different. TOEFL scores are also accepted in most of the institutions. Please be advised that IELTS/TOEFL score requirement vary from each College and University.

Tuition Fee

Upon successful admission to the program, international students are required to pay a tuition deposit (one or two semester tuition fee) depending on the length and fee structure of the program. Normally, for a undergraduate program it is around CDN$5,000-6,000 and for Graduate level program it is CDN$6,000-8,000. The tuition deposit paid is applied towards the tuition of the program once the student commences study. Once tuition deposit is submitted, the college or University issues an official Letter of Acceptance which is required as part of the application for a study permit to Canada.

Step 2 Determining the eligibility to apply for a Student Permit

Below are some of the eligibility requirements for applying a student permit to Canada:

  1. Accepted by a College/University and has a letter of acceptance;
  2. Proof of sufficient funds to support study expense, living expense and travel expense;
  3. Has no criminal record;
  4. Must be in good physical and mental health;

Step 3 Applying for a study permit

Following forms are required to be filled and completed. We have assumed as if the student is applying in India:

  1. Application for a Study Permit (IMM 1294B);
  2. Personal Information Form;
  3. Student Questionnaire form;
  4. Use of Representative (IMM5476) (If applicable);
  5. Student checklist (general or University or SPP whichever is applicable);
  6. Consent Form;
  7. Supporting documents as per checklist.

After submitting a complete application to the designated visa post in the country, the visa office will respond by giving a decision on your study permit application.

After obtaining a temporary resident visa (to enter Canada), you can travel to Canada before the expiration of the visa and upon your arrival at the port of entry, immigration department will issue a study permit which will legally authorize you to remain as a student and study until the expiration of the document.

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