Post Landing Services

We provide following pre and post-settlement services to our clients planning to immigrate or already applied for immigration to Canada as a skilled worker or a businessman/investor:

1. Free job search help in Canada(preparation for interview, resume/cover letter writing etc.). Free refreshments, child care, bus tickets are provided to all the participants. This is meant for the initial "survival jobs"(short term jobs).

2. Free job training of upto 3 weeks or more to locate/search for jobs by referring to non –profit organizations like PICS at Surrey, Vancouver in British Columbia . (For a fruitful and satisfying career in Canada in your own chosen field in which you specialize)

3. Referral to various job sites and local newspapers specializing in placement of newcomers.

4. Free guidance for Credentials assessment for getting jobs quickly in your field

6. Referral to networking clubs to increase contacts and getting information of hidden job market.

7. Housing/transportation/communication guidance

8. New home purchase downpayment help by the government

9. Free help/guidance for applying SIN card, Health card, bank account opening, various government form fill-ups, school admission for your kids, translation of documents, affidavits, help in getting a family doctor, income tax filing etc.

10. Arranging mentors from your field who would guide/support you to help you settle down faster.

11. Easy loans for further education and professional/technical courses

12. Welcome to Canada service

13. Referral to good driving schools for learning driving

14. Guidance to get various tax credits and government benefits (available to individuals and families)

15. Free English classes(for unlimited period) to improve your accent and knowledge of the language. Specialized language training for your specific job (by referring to non –profit organizations like PICS at Surrey, Vancouver in British Columbia)

16. Introduction to a person/family(Canadian citizen) who would meet you for few hours in a week to guide/help you settle faster in the community(free service)

17. To apply for various children benefits provided by the government

18. Referral to various discount stores for the purchase of grocery, furniture, mattress, electronic items etc.(10%-50% discounts)

19. Free help in building good credit rating and getting easy car/home loans

20. Discounted or free meals

21. Services for new and old small business owners like free consultations with a qualified business consultant, free business plan reviews, guidance on licences, permits and regulations, networking & professional development opportunities, free advice through our accountants/lawyers, free workshops and seminars etc.

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